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Current Residence: Ciampino (RM - IT)
Favourite genre of music: Celtic and Piano-Pop
Favourite style of art: 3D animation
Operating System: FAILdows
Wallpaper of choice: Mine! :P
Favourite cartoon character: Saint Seiya's Andromeda Shun, Donald Duck
Personal Quote: "SALVAcomeselatuavitanedipendesse!" ("SAVEasifyourlifewereatstake!") - Dina
I have come to realize I am neglecting deviantart for some time now, as I am immersed in work and roleplay - in my spare time, and though I still am working on projects I plan to submit here none of them is nearby ready.
I have moved again, from Rome to the province of Caserta, and I am still unemployed though I manage to do some occasional job, and I should have a little more free time am comfort to resume working at a faster pace over these project I plan to submit here. Those of you who follow me for "In Peace Vigilance" should be happy to know I have news, one good and a couple not so bad.
The good news is: I am still working on it. As I approached the end I realized I had to rewrite massive chunks of the final chapteres because DA2 made me change part of the original ending as I replaced an appearance of Alistair with Grey Warden Carver, and a good part of the dialogues were based on the fact that Alistair was there and was the king of Ferelden. My original plan was to take some time off, rewrite those dialogues and finish drawing both chapter 9 and 10 before submitting them at a faster pace. Then I moved from Lugano to Rome and had to adjust to the new life and in the meantime Inquisition was announced as well as a couple of books. I then decided to see what Inquisition would have brought to the lore, and I found out I was right to wait.
Much as I feared when Fenris was introduced before DA2 came out, Inquisition forced me to reconsider the concept of three lore elements that play a major role in IPV: Eluvians, Lyrium and Flemeth's legacy. This means that not only the ending will be somehow affected, but I will need to rewrite (and partially redraw) also the sixth and seventh chapter ("Through the Mirror" and "All Fade Breaks Loose") which on rereading I realized they didn't make much sense in the first place... well, they did with DAO lore, which was when the chapters were written. Since this will take time and I am sort of running out of it because I want to focus on other original projects I am working on (a graphic novel based on a play I collaborated writing and played in high school expanding it and giving it a new form and another things still very WIP) I decided to reach a compromise by delivering you a revised version of IPV (and the ending of it) in written form to work on the comic version at a later date.

TL;DR: I am not discontinuing the IPV comic, but I am adding on the side a "fanfic version" where I plan to adapt the story to the new lore and deliver the ending more quickly for those who are impatient to see how the story ends. After that, I'll keep working on the comic version but I won't set any deadline to it.

The "novelization" is at a good point, actually, I have more than half of it written and it will need a bit of proofreading and editing from a native english speaker (I accept volunteers, but beware it is LONG =P), but I plan to start submitting it soon, perhaps a chapter every 2/3 days, when it's done. Once I start sumbission you won't be kept hanging.
Stay tuned, and if you're interested I'm still open to commissions.


DA - Backfire by Abadir
DA - Backfire
A Circle Days strip

You thought it was over? You thought wrong (unless you didn't)
Ewan WAS taking notes, after all...
This is what happens when you give mages instructions without being specific, Gregoir. You have no one to blame but yourself.

 DA - Chillin' outside by Abadir DA - Reciprocity by Abadir DA - Harmless Flirting by Abadir DA - School committee by Abadir DA - Sex Ed class by Abadir 
DA - Sex Ed class by Abadir
DA - Sex Ed class
A Circle Days strip
Now you know where Ewan learned his bedroom skills (the theory, at least). Zevran? HA! Amateur...
I think Gregoir's plan backfired...
(PS: I didn't put mature filter because nothing is explicitly shown, but if you think it's needed, note me and I'll put t.)
DA - Chillin' outside by Abadir DA - Reciprocity by Abadir DA - Harmless Flirting by Abadir DA - School committee by Abadir 
DA - Backfire by Abadir
DA - School committee by Abadir
DA - School committee
A Circle day strip. 
Seriously, Gregoir... Wynne? Are you sure it is a good idea?
*coughs* Rhys *coughs*

Previously: DA - HOT! by AbadirDA - Chillin' outside by AbadirDA - Reciprocity by AbadirDA - Harmless Flirting by Abadir Next: DA - Sex Ed class by Abadir
DA - Harmless Flirting by Abadir
DA - Harmless Flirting
A Circle Days strip
Because Gregoir doesn't have double standards.
What will this set in motion? :shifty:

Previously: DA - HOT! by AbadirDA - Chillin' outside by AbadirDA - Reciprocity by Abadir Next: DA - School committee by Abadir


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