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DAO: In Peace Vigilance 9x04 by Abadir DAO: In Peace Vigilance 9x04 by Abadir
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First Chapter first page: [link]
Second chapter first Page: [link]
Third Chapter First Page:[link]
Fourth Chapter first Page:[link]
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Sixth Chapter first page: [link]
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Eight chapter first page: [link]
This is a fan comic based on the Bioware's videogame "Dragon Age: Origins" and expansions.
All characters and characters design except those not fitting the game belongs to Bioware; Ewan Amell, Eloise Surana and Cora Cousland are designed on customizable Player Character generated through the game editor, so they doesn't belong to anyone but as concept to the author. The story is a "fan fiction" so it's not part of any official lore. No copyright infringement is intended and no money transaction are made for this comic, so don't bother me about it.

This comic was entirely scripted before "Dragon Age: Asunder" and "Dragon Age: Redemption", and slightly modified over the months according to the games lore to fit Dragon Age II modifications of the epilogues of Anders, Cullen and other characters involved in the comic. All the informations are gathered from the games, the codex entries and the Dragon Age Wiki. I haven't read any of the books (except part of Asunder) and I'm not using or willing to use the lore informations contained in them, so if the comic contradicts some book lore, save your keyboard because I don't care.
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Shellsock Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
How did you make her hot?
Abadir Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
blood magic XD
ClaymoreofAtlantis Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015
Any update on when the next one is coming out.
Abadir Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015
the comic version of this story is in the limbo, ATM, since Inquisition changed a lot of assumptions I made about things presented in the comic. I have managed to make a rewrite that wouldn't touch much the pages that are yet to be published, but it would need to remake two intermediate chapters almost completely ("Thorugh the Mirror" and "All Fades break loose") whgich are referenced in the ending and in the current chapter and so I would need to redraw many things and change many others of the pages I have already published back in the days.
There is, though, a "novel" vesrsion ready to be published, I just need my proofreaders to send me back the last two chapters in need to be edited and I can publish it. As for the comic itself, I will finish it, eventually, but not in the near future.
freethegoats Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't trust the sexy broodmother. :stare:
Abadir Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
NEVER :stare:
DemeterAnna Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Student Writer
Things get big, don't they?
Abadir Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
I certainly hope so, the story is almost over! XD
EternoAprendiz Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
The plot in my comic is now about killing the two Old Gods left too. Do you think they will do that in Dragon Age III?
Abadir Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
Uhm, I don't think so, at least not in DA3. From what I understand from the spoilers, it will be more on the "exalted march" side rather than a "new blight" experience...
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January 15, 2013
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