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TMM - Byron Character Sheet by Abadir TMM - Byron Character Sheet by Abadir
RETIRED Character for The Merry Mabari.

Background: Byron's family, the Hainhand, are a well respected warlord family in Nevarra that carry a long tradition of soldiers and dragon slayers from Caimen Brea, near the border of the Silent Plains. That's probably the reason why the Enchanters of the Cumberland Circle decided to train him as a war mage, teaching him mostly offensive and combat spells, hoping to exploit his "warlord genes" in turning him an Circle enforcer to work along the templars in maintaining order and to assist in apostate hunts. Unfortunately, Byron couldn't care less about that.
Byron has an artist personality, he loves music and telling stories, and playing instruments and his dream is to become a minstrel. His researches in magic are all music and scenography oriented. His dream goal is to be able to perform as a one-man orchestra and choir, using magic to alter sounds and make scenography, giving the ultimate rendition of The Battle of Ayesleight, which is by far his favorite poem.
He has studied the Elven and Arcanum language - mostly to be able to understand the lyrics of many songs and ballads - and he also speaks fluently Antivan, Rivaini and Orlesian.
As part of an agreement between the Divine and the College of Magi, he's been sent to Ferelden as assistant trainer for templars, to pass on his knowledge in combat magic and enforce the still growing presence of the order in the relatively recently independent country. He's based in Denerim, but he often leaves his assigned accommodation to tour around taverns, inns and other locations when he can see people, meet minstrels and bards and learn new stories, new tricks and new songs.

: Byron has a strict on/off-the-clock policy. While he's on duty or on a mission he's strictly professional and dedicated to his duty (whether it is to track down an apostate or teach a templar how to sense a mage or inhibit their attacks), and feels very much his responsibility as assistant and mentor. In his spare time, tho, he couldn't care less of all this: he dedicates himself to his interests and personal researches, as well as trying to solve potential problems he discovers during his job in a more "flexible" way. If he catches an apostate on duty he'd send him to the circle without questions, if he finds them off-the-clock he'd usually counsel them on how to hide better, if it's best for them to go to the Circle on their own initiative or if their magic gift is best known by the Dalish or by the Mage's Collective. His true interest lies in art of all forms, but mostly on performance art, and every time he listens to a song or ballad for the first time or he learns how to play a note, he looks like a 7 year old kid in a candy shop.

TMM - Byron Faceclaim meme by Abadir Byron sin meme by Abadir TMM - Byron Attire Meme by Abadir TMM - Byron Language Meme by Abadir

Character Data
(for RP)

Level 8
(4 quests, 3 Memes)

JINX: Smooth as a Baby's Butt! - The character has blemish free and soft shaped features, making many people mistake them for an up-to-no-good kid. The character might have trouble being taken seriously for anything, as well as obtaining alcohol from reputable barkeeps and vendors.

Points 13/12+1

  • Proficient Tracking – The character can spot and follow unobvious tracks in wilderness, and interpret footprints, common animal paw prints, and droppings, etc. The character is also more resilient than average to travel weariness, and can travel faster through wilderness.

  • Proficient Herbalism - The character is capable of crafting basic Tier 1 poultices and potions as listed in the Herbalism Recipes, as well as carrying up to 6 such poultices in a special herbalist's satchel.

Talents & Spells:


  • Wisps of Light The mage conjures up to 12 floating wisps of light to provide illumination. The wisps can be commanded to follow, stay, or to glare brightly and to distract enemies, or to fly to illuminate a nearby point. IE. The dark cave where the bear lurks. Casting: Quick, Visible.

  • Advanced Magic Sense All mages can sense surrounding magic energies to some degree, but this mage has specialized in it. The character can often pick up more boscure details and specifics about surrounding magic energies and the magic auras of unknown items, details that less trained mages are challenged to discover. Casting: Quick, Inconspicuous.

  • Arcane Bolt – The caster fires a sphere of magical energy at an enemy. The bolt ignores armor, and causes painful burns and bruising cell damage on the skin and flesh. Casting: Instant, Visible.

  • Focused Staff Attack - The mage focuses intensely to direct a faster and harder stinging staff attack accurately at a target. The attack uses no mana. Casting: Instant, Visible.


  • Dispel Magic - The caster briefly conjures an disruptive magic field, removing all dispellable effects from either a single target or an area. Both harmful and beneficial spell effects are removed. Casting: Quick, Visible [Visual]

  • Mind Blast The caster projects a wave of telekinetic force that pushes back enemies caught in the sphere, possibly stunning them. Weaker enemies may be knocked down, while strong enemies may altogether resist the effect. Instant, Visible [Gesture & Effect].

  • Plate Cutter Force Field – The mage enchants an ally's weapon with a powerful and sharp force field. When the enchanted weapon next time connects with an enemy, it will cut through armor like ice cream, and flesh and bone like butter, expending the force field in the attack. Missed attacks do not expend the enchantment. Only one enchantment can be active at once. Casting: Quick, Inconspicuous.

  • Spell Shield – The caster puts up a barrier of anti-magic defense around themselves or an ally. The barrier has a high chance of absorbing incoming spells, though some may get through. Every absorbed spell significantly drains the caster's mana, and once the caster's reserve is depleted, the shield collapses. The shield can also be dispelled. Casting: Instant, Visible [Visual]

  • Mana Clash The caster expels a large amount of mana in direct opposition to enemy spellcasters, who are completely drained of mana and suffer spirit damage proportional to the amount of mana they lost. Tier 2 Spell, useable only once per quest. Casting: Quick, Obvious [Powerful].

Specializations: Sound Mage

Sound Mage
  • Magic Tune - The Mage can produce a disembodied tune of one or more notes, possibly orchestrating melodies. The tune sounds artificial and synthetic, and doesn't resemble any instrument. If high enough in volume and pitch, the tune can cause those who hear it to startle, with a small chance to drop their weapons to cover their ears. Non-combat use consumes insignificant mana, while extremely loud (ie. combat effective) uses expend mana like any other spell. Friendly fire possible. Casting: Instant, Inconspicuous.

  • Muffle - Conjuring a mild telekinetic shield, a sound mage is able to muffle the sound produced in a medium area. Nearby enemies are unlikely to hear any noises from inside the bubble, but the bubble will alert templars and mages nearby. The shield works only on sounds and doesn't stop physical or magic attacks. The shield is stationary, and only one shield can be sustained at once. Can also be cast in reverse to protect the party from ear-shattering noises. Casting: Quick, Inconspicuous.

Cumberland Circle Robes
Mage's staff (spirit damage)
Belt satchel
    - 1 Lyrium Potions
    - 1 Health Poultice
8 gp 59 sp 63 cp
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