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TMM - Callan Character Sheet by Abadir TMM - Callan Character Sheet by Abadir
Character for the Merry Mabari Online RP group.

Background: Born in Antiva, in a small village in the outskirts of the Arlathan forest, Callan was abducted by Tevinter slavers when he was ten years old and sold to a wealthy magister family in Carastes, the Pompinii. He soon became the favorite pet of both Arbax and Clelia, and when he showed to possess magic talents (he was in his mid-teens, quite late for a new mage) they decided to teach him themselves in secret, denying him his Laetan status and the freedom that comes with it.
Disgusted by their teaching methods and their abuses, and angry for being still a slave when law granted him (in theory) freedom, he decided to run away to his motherland, exploiting the trust his masters had in him, and clandestinely boarded a ship that brought him to Seere in Rivain.
He liked Rivain and from there he kept traveling south, surviving with petty thievery, until he was caught in Alfsaana by a pirate captain that "liked his style" and decided to recruit him as part of the crew. He was 20 at the time.
When his captain discovered he was a mage, Callan was instructed in using his talents to help the boarding, the pillaging and plundering as well as some practical knowledge to heal the injured while at the sea. Due to the special relationship with Rivaini culture and magic, no Rivaini pirate had a problem with his being apostate, in fact he took his shore leaves to learn new spells and techniques with local mages and seers. Despite he was considered a valuable asset to the crew, he often changed ship to keep difficult for the Pompiniii to track him down, since they never got over his escape.
After five years raiding across the Waking Sea (mostly in the channel between Ferelden, Antiva and the Free Marches), his ship was attacked and destroyed by a dragon and he shipwrecked on the Fereldan coast, leaving few survivors. The crew split, and he decided it was time to stop running and settle on the dry land, at least for some time.

Character, Personality and other oddities: Having always practiced freely his magic, he has a hard time living in a land where mages are supposed to be locked up in Circles, and he wishes all of them were like the one in Dairsmuid, where mages are living freely with their families and local traditions are endorsed and passed on.
He is always afraid to lose his freedom, and often considers the possibility to return to Tevinter or Rivaini, but he doesn't want to be too close to the Pompinii and their lackeys.
Despite he was abused and forced into unspeakable practices and unnatural acts by his former masters, he has no quirks about sex and sexuality and embraces it with too much enthusiasm.
He has been sent a few times in the Fade (entering through rituals, not through sleeping) and it makes him sick: each time he has puked both in his fade body and in his corporeal one once returned. It's probably because of a trauma related to his first time entering it while awake: let's say it was in Tevinter with his masters and there was a lot of blood, other slaves and body fluids involved and let's keep it at that...
He likes drinking and he can hold alcohol very well.
His facial tattoos are not real Vallasslin though they mimic a Dalish design: Callan had his face tattooed after he fled the Pompinii for two reasons: hide his features to a certain extent and fool templars since he'd been told that most of them are likely to leave Dalish mages alone, mostly for fear of elven clans swooping down on chantries and circles if they would take their keepers or their firsts (swooping is bad, even if it's not Chasinds doing it...)

Callan Faceclaim Meme by Abadir Callan Attire Meme by Abadir Callan sin meme by Abadir TMM - Callan Language Meme by Abadir TMM-CallanMotivationMeme by Abadir TMM - Callan Compendictionary by Abadir

Character Data:
Level 17
(8 Quests, 2 Events, 5 Memes)

JINX: Wanted Person by the Pompinium magisters’ family in Carastes (Tevinter). Bounty hunters to be expected. Wanted ALIVE.

Points: 24/23+1

  • Nautical KnowledgeThe character has notable experience with large ships, and is capable of commanding even an inexpert party into steering a ship of any size into basic maneuvers. The character may also be able to gain more information by looking at a vessel.
  • Proficient Stealing – The character can pickpocket distracted targets, and otherwise steal little items when eyes turn away with little chance of getting caught. Alert and hostile targets are still likely to catch the character.
  • Proficient Bluff – With an unshakeable belief in human stupidity, through bold theatrics, and brazen-faced lying, the character is often able to convince others of many untrue facts.
  • Proficient Persuade – The character is charming and diplomatic, and can often influence people through reasoning and sweet talking. 
  • Medical Knowledge - The character is knowledgeable about injuries and common signs of poisonings, and inspecting a body, she can usually accurately tell what manner of a specific weapon, general type of spell, or general type of poison was used on it. The character is also more skilled at improvising splints for broken bones, and making clean stitches, and using only stitches and poultice, can often patch up injuries with little to no scarring.
Talents & Spells:

  • Arcane ShieldThe mage puts up a magical shield around themselves, gaining a good chance of shrugging off physical attacks. The shield lasts for the remainder of the combat scene it's cast in. It may be dispelled. Casting: Instant, Visible.

  • FireballThe mage casts a highly pressured little ball of fire at a target. The ball explodes on impact. Weak targets can be knocked down by the blast. Light clothing and extremely dry material may catch fire. Wood, leather, thick cloth, etc. is usually just singed. If used in very tight spaces, the pressure may stun targets. Friendly fire possible! Casting: Quick, Obvious [Visual].

  • Stone Fist The caster hurls forward an stone projectile, about the size of a human head. The projectile impacts with great force, knocking down most human sized targets. Casting: Quick, Visible [Visual].

  • Lightning - The caster fires a bolt of lightning at a target. Friendly fire possible! The shock may conduct through characters that are in contact with the target. Targets may be briefly stunned. Instant, Visible [Visual]. 

  • Petrify - The caster turns the target into stone for a moderate time unless it resists the spell. While petrified, the target is immobile and vulnerable to shattering from a heavy hits. Tier 2 Spell, usable only once per quest. Casting: Quick, Visible [Gesture & Visual]. 
  • Halt BleedingThe mage channels healing magic up to short range, causing bleeding wounds on a target to instantly coagulate shut. The magically coagulated blood is abnormally sticky, which likely will seal the wound, still without healing it. Arterial bleeding may be difficult or impossible to seal. Casting: Quick, Inconspicuous.

  • Alleviate Ailments – The healer  places a long lasting soothing spell on a character, alleviating the symptoms of any common disease, and possibly mild poison effects. Advanced poisons or rare diseases are not affected. Casting: Slow, Visible [Touch gesture].

  • Mend Flesh – The mage squeezes the wound closed, and channels healing energy into it to cleanse and mend the skin and flesh. Has no effect on broken bones, blood loss, or internal organ damage. The thorough healing provides moderate pain relief, however freshly regenerated tissue will still ache for a week or two. The mage must touch the targeted wound to use this spell. Likely to leave smooth and pale scarring. Casting: ~1 min channeling per moderate wound, Visible [Touch gesture].

  • Deep Heal  – The mage puts his hands on the wounded body part, channelling in healing energy to set broken bones right and regenerate them, as well as to mend complex internal organs. Can't fix brain or nerve damage. Provides minor pain relief, but severe injuries will still ache for a week or two. Can be used for reattaching recently severed fingers and small bits, but not severed limbs. This spell can be cast as many times as there is cause for it. Tier 2 utility spell; can be cast multiple times. Casting: ~2 min channeling per moderate wound, Visible [Touch gesture].

  • Anesthetic Magic – The mage directs soothing energy to flow into the targeted character, dulling pain and senses, permitting the target to for a short duration ignore great pain. The magic clouds the senses somewhat, and can cause lightheadedness. CAN be cast in combat. Outside of combat, the spell can be used for putting agreeable characters asleep so their injuries can be tended to without wriggling or screaming. Casting: Quick, Inconspicuous. 

Staff Fight

  • Quick Thwacks – The mage makes a pair of quick swings or thrusts with the staff/spear, possibly hitting an enemy up to 2 times. If both attacks land, weak enemies may be discouraged from further attack.

  • Bludgeon – The mage attempts to strike the enemy on the head with a single hard swing of the staff, or the blunt butt-end of the spear. If it hits, the attack may stagger or disorient an enemy, letting the mage step back and defend better.

Mage’s Daggering

  • Dagger Cuts – The mage swings the weapon twice, making 2 normal attacks at the target. Weak against armor.

  • Dagger Block – The mage tries to dodge or block incoming attacks, while attempting to quickly stab the attacker once herself. The mage can dodge or block max. 2 attacks, and may strike a target with 1 normal attack.

  • Hard Thrust – The character stabs the weapon forward with both hands. The attack may on a good hit pierce even medium armors.

Specializations: Alcomancer, Arcane Scrapper

Arcane Scrapper

  • Force Throw - The mage throws a dagger and telekinetically recovers it once it has landed. The throwing itself doesn't get any bonus in accuracy and aim, and the weapon doesn't deal any additional damage. Casting: Instant, Obvious [Visual].

  • Extended Strike Channeling creation energy through the blade, the mage extend it for a very short time making it comparable to a longsword for a single strike without affecting its weight. The weapon still deals normal dagger damage but has a longer reach. Casting: Quick, Visible [effect].

  • Sense Alcohol – The Alcomancer knows you've got that bottle there, missy. The Alcomancer emits an near imperceptible magic pulse that resonates back from nearby sources of alcohol. The sensing can be used for finding stashed and hidden booze. The pulse is very faint, and likely to go unnoticed by average mages and templars.

  • Purge AlcoholThe Alcomancer purges alcohol from the body of themselves or a willing target, rapidly restoring sobriety and clearing up foggy thoughts. Casting: Quick, Inconspicuous.

    Banded leather plackart (light)
    Dalish-styled leather boots
    Tevinter leather vambraces
    Dalish-styled leather jacket
Woolen pants
Civilian clothes:
Leather brown hoses
    Thin leather black boots (cloth rating)
    Black leather thin doublet
Deep green long-sleeved button-up linen tunic
Woolen sash
Trinkets and misc:
    Amulet of comfort (brooch)

    "Sister": Rivaini dagger (Jafar's gift) - Red Steel
    "Hooker": Quarterstaff - Iron

    Purple Velvet Parka
    Rivaini mage robes
    Leather brown vest
    Kinky leather harness

1 gp 53 sp 95 cp

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