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TMM - NPC - Mimir by Abadir TMM - NPC - Mimir by Abadir
Status: Dead. (?)
Introduced in: In Peace Sacrifice (private quest) - A "No" for an Answer (public quest)
Last appearance: Whispers to the Wild Water (ending of the "Silver Lining" questline)
Known aliases: The Hag of the Waking Sea, The Pirate Witch, the Terror of the Isles.
Skill level: Legendary.
Skills and specializations:
    Mimir demostrated to possess a high level of knowledge in the Primal and Entropy school of magic, though the full extension of this knowledge is unknown. As witch of the wilds it is logic to suppose she has the skills that are usually taught to Flemeth's daughter, like Yavana or Morrigan (thought it looks like the latter was trained differently than the others, and possesses less knowledge about Flemeth's - and her - true nature), like the abilities to channel demonic energy throught the Veil, tame wild animals and beasts and foresee events (though it is unclear the extent and the nature of this last ability). Unlike other witches of the wilds, it seems that Mimir has focused her shapeshifting abilities just on various dragon forms, without varying much.

Background: what is known of Mimir is carried through the legends of pirates and sailors of the Waking Sea that had encountered her in their travels. She is known to be a powerful witch that appears and raids ships with some peculiar cargos: magic artifacts and important relics mostly, but sometimes also slavers ships or simple fishing boats. It is apparent that her interests lay on magical beings and objects - though not all of them. Thing is, her existance was never proved or confirmed until she was seen aiding the rogue Anders warden Päronskaft in his project of an apostate colony near Brandel's Reach (quest "In Peace, Sacrifice" played May 2012). As her age it is unknown and tales over her had been carried over time but without a recorded origin, it is unclear if her specialization in dragon forms is due to the fact that her hideout can be in the Tellari Swamp (so she could have studied the dragons of the Silent Grove to learn their forms) or she's actually older than the disappeareance of Dragons in the Steel Age. Her resemblance with Yavana, also in her style, doesn't exclude the first hypothesis, although Witches of the Wilds are known to be loners.
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misi-chan Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
*hides mage babies*
ChubbyKaiserin Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Revas has yet another Nemesis XD Can't wait to see more of her on quests!

Revas: "Teach me how to be a dragon dammit!....And wheres Ma Fleffy??"
lol19 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
Is that why you need a templar? :P
Abadir Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
Hohoho, not only... :meow:
lol19 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
Oh my (what have we here), this will be interesting! :D
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